If you are thinking of moving to Johannesburg or have already relocated and 'freaking out' that you have NO idea where to start looking for a place to live? 

Well, look no further ..... you've come to the right place!!

By clicking on Google Maps (on the top righthand side of this page), you will notice how close we are to EVERYWHERE !!

1    In Directions by Google Maps, in To:  is the house address.  In From: type the street address of your place of work and Voila!! on the bottom lefthand side, a map will appear with street directions showing exactly which roads to take as well as the hours and minutes of your driving time. 

2    Now ...... all YOU have to do is - just give Michele a call on 0826584096 or Jos on 0714968206 or send me an email on, with any enquiries you may have and we will assist you immediately.  It's that easy!! 

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